My Work

My work, research and off-work activities revolves around areas like Peace studies , Psychology , SoftSkills , Communication Skills , Counseling , therapy , and more. Information about some of my work can be exhibited through Workshop , Trainings , News Articles , News Video , etc.

Let me walk you through some of my work.


Workshops and Classroom sessions

During the experience as a lecturer since 2010, conducted workshops and classroom sessions on areas like:

a) Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication

b) Soft skills

c) Assertiveness

d) Time management

e) Self-assessment

f) Stress management

g) Personality development

h) Leadership

i) Educational issues

j) Emotional issues

k) Vocational guidance

l) Coping skills.

m) Increase in productivity

n) Concentration and decision making.

o) Creative writing


1. Training experience as a lecturer since 2017

1. Taught various modules under Peace Studies.

2. Emphasized on modern day connect and implementation

3. Enhanced classroom interactions.

4. Implemented group activities and discussions

5. Signified how the subject will enhance the productivity and wellbeing.

6. Worked on self-growth and implying the concepts on myself

2. Models and theories of Psychology worked on - Educational Psychologist

1. Behavior approach.

2. Cognitive behavior therapy

3. Humanist theories.

4. Solution focused theory.

5. Personality assessment.

6. Social psychology theories

7. Learning theories

8. Eclectic approach.

News Articles

1. Youngsters given tips for a better future - Times of India Reference

Nagpur: With growing competition in all industries, a person's soft skills are what sets him/her apart from the rest and gives an edge, said noted trainer Shrutkirti Fadnavis on Sunday…

2. Expert Talks were delivered on 'Futuristic Careers' by Mr Anand Desai, Pune and 'Emotional Intelligence' by Ms Shrutkirti Fadnavi - Koshish Foundation India Reference

Koshish Foundation in Association with Nagpur Institute of Technology

successfully conducted CAREER MATRIX for Xth and XIIth pass students. More than 250 students appeared for the Free Career Aptitude Test.

Expert Talks were delivered on

'Futuristic Careers' by Mr Anand Desai, Pune

and 'Emotional Intelligence' by Ms Shrutkirti Fadnavis, Pune

News Video

The Myths about Psychology - TEDxMITP Reference

Shrutkirti hopes to make the word 'psychologist' a little less scary. She debunks the myths about psychology that exist in our society. She is a fun loving psychologist who thinks that the best way to practice psychology is to blend it with humor. She is a soft skills mentor and a motivational speaker. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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